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We're Saving Energy!

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Solar CRD
Solar hot water incentives are available throughout the Capital Regional District. Visit for more information.

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The City of Colwood's award-winning Solar Colwood program helps Colwood residents and businesses save energy and reduce greenhouse gasses through solar energy and energy efficiency upgrades.

There's something for everyone through Solar Colwood, no matter your building or budget. Read your Colwood neighbours' energy champion stories, and explore the options available for Colwood homeowners, renters and businesses to save energy and money at home, at work and on the road.

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Solar Colwood Incentives Are Available For:

Solar Hot Water
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Split Heat Pumps
ductless split heat pump
Electric Vehicle
Charging Stations
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Home Energy

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Recent Solar Colwood News

Doors thrown open for tour of Colwood solar home
Goldstream Gazette - 09/16/2014
Colwood resident Marilyn Shepherd is opening her home to anyone who’s ever wanted to learn more about solar power and improving energy efficiency.

Solar Colwood
Island Tides - 08/19/2014
Frank Gale, a homeowner who installed a solar hotwater system and a ductless heatpump three years ago, says his system has never had an issue yet and is helping to reduce his energy bills. His gas bill for last month was only $8 compared to the usual $60.

Rooftop solar-energy system helps hotel reduce natural gas bills
Times Colonist - 08/18/2014
The summer’s hot, dry and sunny weather has done more than help fill beds at the Hotel Grand Pacific. It’s helped the 304-room hotel trim some of its natural gas bill by harnessing the power of the sun.

People of the sun united in Colwood
Goldstream Gazette - 07/10/2014
She called her solar panels her “Alberta oil field on my roof” and estimates that it costs her $15 a month to charge her car, a Nissan Leaf, forgoing gasoline completely. Once the gas savings pay for the price of the car, the rest is money in her pocket.

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