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FREE Water & Energy Saving Kits

Water and Energy Saving Kits

The Solar Colwood Water and Energy Savings Kit Giveaway is a water-and-energy-saving fixture program developed by City Green Solutions in partnership with the City of Colwood.

These fixtures will not only save water, they will save energy, money, and greenhouse gas emissions, too!

When you use this Energy and Water Savings Kit to replace inefficient fixtures, your average savings each year, based on a family of three is:

  • Between $62 and $122
  • 1390 kWh (5.00 GJ) of energy
  • 36,500 L of water (100 L per day!)

Because water heating accounts for up to one third of all residential energy use, replacing older fixtures with high-efficiency energy and water saving models can significantly reduce energy use and cost. By saving energy, high-efficiency fixtures also lower energy bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with water heating.

Pick up your free kit at the front desk of Colwood City Hall, 3300 Wishart Road.


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